You have probably noticed, at least to some extent, that turmoil is in the air. There are numerous economic, geopolitical, and societal factors in play – we view these three macro-components as the three legs of the stool that support the seat upon which human civilization rests. When any one of these legs is weakened, it affects the strength of the other two.

In times past, there were stools for each sovereign nation that were, for the most part, impervious to the internal conditions present in other nations except perhaps those of their immediate neighbors. Since modern globalization began – many concur that this was in 1971 after the United States eliminated the gold standard and moved to a fiat currency system (The Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 pegged the price of gold to the U.S. dollar for international monetary exchange) and global access by the public to the internet in the mid 1990’s – the sovereign stools became so connected and interdependent with each other that they in effect merged into one big giant three-legged-wooden-stool. Over the last few decades, each of these legs has developed signs of rot. This rot destabilizes the seat that holds up the status quo concept of our civilization.

What does the rot look like today? On the economic leg, it has manifested in extreme wealth inequality and enormous asset bubbles (overvalued stocks, bonds, and real estate).  The geopolitical leg is riddled with the festering boils of aggression, most noticeable from the United States but prevalent from many other nations as well, brought on by diminishing natural resources, the seeking of perpetual profit growth by multinational corporations, skyrocketing sovereign debt, and international economic and military power shifts. Society’s leg is splintering with destroyed trust in the institutions of government, media, banking, and employers; individuals are witnessing the degradation of their basic human rights promised by their constitutions, mounting personal debt, shrinking purchasing power due to stagnant wages, false and/or heavily biased news from mainstream media, and increasingly tenuous employment.

Throughout human history there has been an ongoing struggle between the wealthy class and the rest of society. The wealthy strive to protect and grow their wealth through governance and economic systems. These systems are structured to enable the achievement of their ends while providing the general public with the minimum conditions necessary to keep them incentivized to docilely toil on their behalf. When the two forces in this struggle are relatively in balance, domestic peace is widespread. When these forces become grossly imbalanced, dissatisfaction grows and rebellion and conflict ensue. The symptoms of gross imbalance are what we are witnessing all across the global civilization – between nations and within nations.

The extent of the imbalance has become so great that many believe we have passed the tipping point. In other words, there is no turning back; in order to regain balance, we must first continue down the path we are on until enough has been destroyed to enable the re-establishment of balance through the creation of something new.  Based on extensive socioeconomic research independently conducted over the past few years by us, we concur with this sentiment. We are anticipating a period of chaos that will begin in earnest this coming year and last for many years to come.

Future posts here will be focused on providing you with information that may assist you in preparing for and weathering this coming chaotic period. Each post will include news updates gleaned from numerous sources around the globe concerning the legs of the stool so you can have a more full and realistic picture of what’s happening. Additionally, we’ll be sharing resources and tips on things such as finances, health, and security you can consider doing that could help protect your well-being.  

As always we encourage you to think for yourself, question and research, join in the conversation, and contribute your own tips that may benefit your fellow readers.


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