The goal is to create a culture that supports a balanced healthy planet and fosters happiness for all.

The framework draft for Ecoism presented on this site provides a comprehensive integrated plan that offers solutions for home and food insecurity through its Land for Living section, solutions for financial insecurity through its Money for Living section, solutions for health insecurity through its Healthful Living section, solutions for climate change and pollution through its Economic sections, solutions for education access limitations through its Education sections, solutions for government ineptitude and societal disconnect through its governance Purpose and Structure sections, and viable government and social program funding solutions through its Taxation and Budget section. These solutions can and should all be massaged, refined, improved, and more fully developed. To do this will take the time and efforts of many people willing to contribute their expertise and ideas for the benefit of all.

Ideally, the process of thoroughly fleshing out a comprehensive systemic transformation plan would be accomplished over a time span of several years and its implementation gradually rolled out over a few decades. Unfortunately, the opportunity for a leisure pace of change has passed. CO2 emissions must be addressed now in order to avoid the worst that climate change can unleash upon us, pollution and human overpopulation has devastated biodiversity and is resulting in the endangerment and extinction of critical human life supporting flora and fauna, the win-lose mentality embedded in a Capitalist economy and the concentration of power held by a minute percent of the population has created acute inequality of wealth and basic Rights within the citizenry fomenting the amplification of injustice and poverty, and the accumulation of immense National debt along with the ongoing redistribution of global economic power has increased warmongering by governments that if left unchecked, will continue to fester and ultimately lead to widespread mass destruction and untold misery.

You, your friends, your family, and your acquaintances are needed. Our governments won’t save us, a messiah will not magically appear and save us, an alien race will not drop out of the sky and save us, only we – the people of the Earth – together – can save ourselves and our planet from the horrific future that awaits us if we sit on our hands, keep our mouths closed, and do nothing.

So please, take a moment and step out of your fast-paced work monopolized lives and your technology induced isolation. Rejoin humanity. There’s a lot of good you can do – we can do. Let’s fix this mess! Brothers and sisters of the world bring your minds, bring your energy, bring your movements, and engage – for together we have the catalytic power to remake this world into a place where all of us have the opportunity to live gratifying lives.

The door is open, come on in, you are welcome here.


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