A planet is an astronomical body orbiting a star; its mass is definable and finite.

Earth is a planet with characteristics that support biological life.

On Earth there exists a variety of ecosystems; each one supporting an array of life attuned to its symbiotic rhythm.

Each ecosystem is in constant flux; biological life emerges, interacts, and is eventually reabsorbed back into the fabric of the planet.

Lifeforms span from the microscopic to the leviathan; their populations increase and decrease to reach equilibrium with their ecosystem’s capacity to support them.


Humans are one biological species that live on the planet Earth.

The human brain has extraordinary capacity to reason and think; coupled with the dexterity of its hands, humans are able to create which enables them to adapt to most environments.

Because of this considerable ability to create and adapt, humans are the most dangerous species on Earth.

Curiosity leads them to experiment which leads them to discovery; the beneficial or detrimental outcome realized from the use of discoveries, depends upon how they are applied.

Humans experience both curiosity and fear of the unknown; because they do not have a clear understanding of what happens at the end of their own biological life, they tend to fight that end.

This rejection of the natural process of biological life has caused many human societies to war with nature itself; this has prevented the human species from existing in a peaceful and harmonious fashion with its own species and all others.

For a species to experience peace, it is necessary to accept the cycle of life as fundamental to all existence.

Every species has a purpose within the sphere of all life. Humans have the capacity to enrich the quality of life for its own species and all others – this is a natural and meaningful purpose.

If humans understood that their unique selves – their spirits, essence, souls – did not cease to be when their present biological life came to its natural conclusion, that life itself was an academy for the evolution of their spirit, essence, soul, perhaps they would embrace the full cycle of life and pursue their species’ natural purpose – as do all other species.


Logic infers the simple truth that life is the academy for the spirit; at the beginning of a biological life, one enters a new learning phase and at the end of a biological life, one completes that phase and moves on to the next in a continuous evolution of the spirit.