∼ We value ∼

The body, mind, and spirit of all species

The natural beauty and life-sustaining resources of the planet

The creativity and ingenuity of people

Respectful, honest, and just treatment by and to all

The desire to understand and the ability to empathize

Sanctuary – privacy of space and information

Knowledge applied in a wise manner

Self-reliance and independence

Community and diversity

The rule of prudent law



∼ We believe ∼

The opportunity to flourish is an equal right of all living things.

All living things exist in an interdependent state.

People are endowed with the capabilities to affect all life.

As such, people have the responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that is benign to life in all its forms.


∼ We believe ∼

All species require these intrinsic elements:

  • Clean water, air, and soil
  • Sufficient, appropriate, and nutritious food
  • Adequate and healthful shelter from elements and aggressors
  • Individual freedom of choice, expression, and thought
  • Openness for the gift and receipt of affection
  • Liberty to propagate species at sustainable population levels
  • Access to knowledge
  • Treatment for Illness and Injury
  • Freedom to roam and explore
  • Endeavors that resonate
  • Time to provide quality care for oneself, family, and habitat

Intrinsic elements are inalienable Rights; not commodities whose availability is influenced by market speculation and profiteering.


∼ We believe ∼

When intrinsic elements are fully available to all, a balanced and peaceful planet is feasible.