The Premise and Guiding Principals for this Framework are…

When the needs of Ecosystems meld with the needs of People,

a Holistic Culture is intuitively formed.

Culture is shaped by both material and non-material aspects.

The non-material being values, beliefs, customs, knowledge, language, and symbols;

the material being things created.

The material and non-material aspects are interconnected and influence one another dynamically.

A Culture is a reflection of its Society; therefore,

this Framework needs to incorporate and integrate all of the main Components of Society.

Components and their particulars should make sense, be relevant and logical.

The Transition to this Framework should be Effected with Measured Momentum.

Progress Goals should be Realistic and not include Absolutes.

Measures should be Meaningful and Quantifiable.

Momentum should be of an Energy level sufficient to propel and sustain forward movement,

yet not so much as to induce chaos.


The best plan is simple, benign, and effective.


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