Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How do you pronounce Ombhumi?

Answer: aumbhuumih or Ōmboomie


Question: What do the symbols in the logo mean?

Answer: The logo is made up of two symbols combined.

The Flower of Life –  the creation and connectivity of all things

The Yin Yang –  duality driving continuous change toward fluid balance of the whole


Question: What does POE stand for?

Answer: People of Earth, Protectors of Earth, Partners of Earth


Question: What is Ecoism?

Answer: Ecoism is a socioeconomic system that supports a planet friendly and diffused prosperity economy, encourages individual contribution and collaborative effort, and advocates a culture of mutual respect, dignity, and regard for the well-being of all.


Question: Is it possible to download the Excel version of spreadsheets on this site?

Answer: If you submit an email request for the Excel version of any spreadsheet shown in a PDF format on this site, we will send it to you as an attachment. Please specify in your email which file or files you are interested in.